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When you care about someone, you look for the most experienced staff and the most advanced technology available. Our team has decades of experience building and overseeing successful programs for payers, states, and healthcare facilities.

Eventa has an extensive history of providing Long Term Care Respiratory Service. We’ve created and managed innovative programs for many facilities based on their specific needs

We provide nationally recognized and sought after clinical and business services to our healthcare partners through a multidisciplinary team using clinical knowledge, experience, innovation, objectivity, and creative solutions. Our unique approach ensures that all medically complex patients are provided the opportunity to reach their maximum potential at the appropriate care setting.

POM (Population Outcome Management)

Engaging program designed to assist members with chronic respiratory illness with the goal of improved member competency and compliance with their respiratory needs. Members are provided with a respiratory therapist 24/7 to assist in a decrease of utilization management (62% reduction in hospital occurrence) and improved quality of life. This is a outcomes focused program on member independence with a member goal driven.

Katie Beckett

Tennessee’s Katie Beckett Program was launched in 2021 and is focused on our Pediatric community, age 18 or younger, with disabilities and/or complex medical needs. Eventa works cohesively with the payor and assists Group A members identified with compromised respiratory needs.

CRM (Complex Respiratory Management)

Program is designed to identify and assist with respiratory deficiencies in various locations which can include the home, hospital, LTACH, SNF, etc. Members assessed in this program range from infancy to geriatric; ventilator or supplemental oxygen utilization. Our members benefit from the clinical knowledge of the liaisons to gain competency of care which leads to improved quality of life as well as decreased utilization management. Maintenance follow up varies based on each member’s needs to better identify and achieve optimum outcomes.

ERC (Enhanced Respiratory Care)

Unique program that provides quality oversight to Ventilator approved Skilled Nursing Facilities. Eventa follows the care and provides recommendations for mechanically ventilated and tracheostomized members with the goal of meeting their maximum potential to include liberation and/or decannulation. Our team provides quality monitoring in the overall operations of each facility with improved quality metrics.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is a supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system which displays near real-time information to a central station and allows alarms and alerts from bedside devices to be sent directly to clinicians. These devices provide noninvasive and continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiratory rate to indicate clinical changes, early trends, and clinical opportunities for improved outcomes.

QEI (Quality Enhancement Initiative)

Program that improves the quality of care provided to Non-Vent, Non-Tracheas members. We seek to maximize clinical and quality of life outcomes, minimizing the risk of readmissions, critical incidences, and other quality of care concerns for these members through concurrent oversight.

Congratulations to Illinois first Enhanced Respiratory Care Accredited Facility!
Life after mechanical ventilation with Gene Gantt RRT, FAARC
Congratulations to our CEO & President Gene Gantt on 50 years in Respiratory! A true legend in the world of respiratory care!

Gene's dedication and passion for respiratory health has been the driving force behind countless success stories. For half a century, he has been helping navigate patient centered outcomes and been a guiding light for aspiring respiratory professionals.

His commitment to excellence, empathy, and innovation has shaped the respiratory landscape, making a lasting impact in lives. Here's to five decades of unwavering service, countless breaths restored, and a legacy that will inspire generations to come.


Hear more about the Enhanced Respiratory Care Accreditation and the partnership Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety has with Eventa!

What does it mean to be a Respiratory Therapist with Eventa?

Being able to advocate for and educate people throughout my career is one of my favorite things about being a Respiratory Therapist, and Eventa allows me to do just that. With Eventa, I am able to educate people about their disease process and how to properly manage their symptoms. I am so proud to work for a company that truly cares about the outcomes of our members. Eventa as a whole strives to help our members have a better quality of life.”
- Angela Dillard

Being an RT with Eventa has opened my eyes to how many people need assistance daily. Eventa has provided a way for RTs to closely monitor and provide education and support to members that may otherwise have never received our assistance before. Working for Eventa has given me a true sense of autonomy. I know I am helping members in such a different way than I did being bedside.”
- Rachel Vinlove

Eventa offers evidence based and cutting-edge programs to improve and advance Respiratory Care services and patient’s outcomes and I am delighted to be contributing to such legacy. The Enhanced Respiratory Care program that we are pioneering in Illinois has proven results in Tennessee and now we are able to expand and benefit many more patients and organizations through our collaborations.”
- Tahia Cahill
Why Eventa? - Direct from the members of our team!
Eventa Museum of Respiratory Technology

Located in an historic building in downtown Livingston, TN, our museum displays antique equipment from the field of respiratory care, state-of-the-art technologies from an earlier period, as well as American memorabilia from a bygone era.